For Professionals

You too can help children exposed to toxic stress! The Center for Child Stress & Health is dedicated to providing free, quality resources for patients, families, professionals and medical providers that will provide primary, secondary and tertiary health prevention for children.

Public Awareness

Public Awareness campaigns are available for free download to be used in your communities on the topics of Resilience, COVID-19, Parent as Protectors and Self Care for Mothers. We will be adding more regularly so check back often!

Free Media Campaigns

For Clinicians

Center for Child Stress & Health on Florida State University's web site

We're in the process of adding more resources here,
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Did You Know

Did you know?

Keeping problems to yourself can make you feel worse. Even though talking about a personal problem can be hard at first, talking will usually help you feel better. It is important to find someone you can trust and ask for help.


Want to Know More?

In addition to checking out our ebook and fun activities, consider talking with your doctor, school nurse or guidance counselor if you are having a hard time dealing with a problem.